Artificial intelligence supported web application design and development for supporting rational drug use

Şeyma Handan Akyön, Fatih Çağatay Akyön, Tarık Eren Yılmaz, Adem Özkara

Polypharmacy, which increases with age, is generally the simultaneous use of two or more drugs. The main complications of polypharmacy are drug side effects, inappropriate drug, drug-drug and drug-disease interactions, increased treatment costs, hospitalization and mortality. In the last three decades, criteria have been published around the world to identify inappropriate drug use in the elderly. In addition to drug prospectuses and guidelines in the treatment of chronic diseases, there are various tools to prevent polypharmacy side effects.

Research questions:
Current criteria, guidelines and tools don’t consider patient age, comorbidity and medications as a whole. This causes polypharmacy side effects. On the other hand, a more systematic patient-focused approach is very time consuming.

Our research is a methodological study and it is planned to design an artificial intelligence supported web application.

Our web application will provide physicians with quick and easy access to dozens of current criteria and guidelines for rational drug regulation in order to minimize inappropriate drug use in the geriatric age group, and also offer a drug alternative that can be used safely in the elderly. In addition, it will help the clinician to use rational drugs in daily practice by detecting patient-focused drug-drug and drug-disease interactions. The statistical evaluation part of our study continues and the conclusion and discussion section will be presented at the congress.

In order to support rational drug use, the patient should be considered as a whole with age, comorbidities and medications.

Points for discussion:
Is it possible to design a patient-oriented web application that automatically detects polypharmacy side effects as potential inappropriate drug, drug-drug interaction and drug-disease interaction?

How much time does this application save when practicing rational drug use?

With this web application, will it be easier for the physician to approach patients holistically?