Programme Overview

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EGPRN Executive Board Meeting
Location: Scaldis (1st Floor)

Only for Members of the Executive Board. 

Workshop 1: Workshop on developing Participatory Action Research
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)

10:00 - 12:30
Registration is required. 

Workshop 4: Writing for Publication – Meet the Editors for Tips and Tricks!
Location: Gresham (2nd Floor)

10:00 - 12:30
Registration is required.


Price not included in conference fee.

Workshop 2: How to start a research project on interprofessional collaboration?
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)

14:00 - 16:30
Registration is required.

Workshop 3: Population oriented research: how to overcome difficulties?
Location: Gresham (2nd Floor)

14:00 - 16:30
Registration is required.

EGPRN Council Meeting
Location: Prentenkabinet (1st Floor)

Only for EGPRN Executive Board and EGPRN Council members.

EGPRN Committee Meetings and Working Groups

- EGPRN Educational Committee - Room Willem Elsschot
- EGPRN Research Strategy Committee - Room Prentenkabinet
- EGPRN PR & Communication Committee - Room Scaldis

Welcome Reception and Opening Cocktail

Location: Patio van ‘Het klooster van de Grauwzusters’ 
Address: Lange Sint-Annastraat 7/11, 2000 Antwerpen

Location: Dürer (2nd Floor)
Opening of the Meeting by EGPRN Chairperson
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Speaker)
Welcome by Local Host
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Dr. Lieve Peremans (Speaker)
International Keynote Lecture
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Models, theories, and frameworks for complex interventions: From concepts to application in primary care. - Dr. Heather L Rogers (Speaker)
Plenary Session - Theme Papers
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Factors affecting the implementation of a comprehensive intervention program for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in community settings in Belgium - Kathleen Van Royen
  • Health Kiosk: development and implementation of a low treshold community health literacy hub. - Caroline Masquillier
  • Pulled in two directions: the tensions between implementation and established methods to evaluate in the same project, with marginalised communities - Harm Van Marwijk
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer

For the regular attenders

Blue Dot Coffee Break
Location: Foyer, 2nd floor, beside the Willem Elsschot room

For the first time attenders.

Parallel Session A - Theme Papers: Exploration of patient needs in an integrated community context
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Pemra C. Unalan (Chair)
  • Needs and expectations of transgender children and adolescents and their parents with regard to child psychiatry support. - Sidonie Chhor
  • Advance care planning among older people of Turkish origin in Belgium: an exploratory interview study - Hakki Demirkapu
  • Breastfeeding mothers’ experiences with community physicians in Israel: A qualitative study - Limor Adler
Parallel Session B - Freestanding Papers: Not appropriated care
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Is willingness to deprescribe enough? Willingness to deprescribe and actual change in medication use over time: an analysis of trial data from older patients with polypharmacy - Katharina Tabea Jungo
  • Patients’ willingness to have medications deprescribed in Europe: Protocol for a cross-sectional survey study - Sven Streit
  • Family Conferences to facilitate shared prioritisation and deprescribing in frail elderlies with polypharmacy cared for at home. Results from of a pragmatic cluster randomized trial in primary care - Achim Mortsiefer
Location: Dürer (2nd Floor)
Research Café
Location: Scaldis and Prentenkabinet (1st Floor)

Do you have any questions about research that you are doing or would like to do?
Ask the EGPRN’s experts at the lunchtime “Research Café”!
Lunchboxes will be available in the meeting room.

Parallel Session C - Theme Papers: Complex methodologies: challenges
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • A Search for relevant Contextual Factors in Intervention Studies, a Stepwise Approach with Online Information. - Michaël Van Der Elst
  • The sustainability of PBRNs and their contribution to community-based and population research - Anna Dania
  • Qualitative research in general practice: the need for specific quality standards in reporting qualitative studies - Annick Nonneman
Parallel Session D - Freestanding Papers: Organisation of care
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Jako Burgers (Chair)
  • The impact of remote and telemedicine visits on family physicians workload - Shlomo Vinker
  • Unscheduled care, what match between demand and supply of care? A qualitative study. - Alain Mercier
  • "A Day in the Life" – Distance medicine and its relation to Family Physicians' satisfaction from their work, and their perception of work quality - Galia Zacay
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer
Parallel Session E - Theme Papers
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Building bridges between community pharmacy and psychosocial care: the detection, discussion and referral of psychosocial problems in a pilot study with trained pharmacists - Eva Rens
  • Benzodiazepines deprescribing in the elderly : which collaboration between general practionner and pharmacist? - Manon De Montigny
  • How Does “Home Health Services” Training During Family Medicine Residency Influence Medical Practice of the Physicians? - Pemra C. Unalan
Parallel Session F - Freestanding Papers: Care for vulnerable people
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Jacopo Demurtas (Chair)
  • Implementation of a lifestyle program in primary care among cancer survivors: lessons learned so far - Famke Huizinga
  • Breast cancer Long-term Outcome on Cardiac function: a longitudinal study - Laurine Van Der Wal
  • Improving the quality of life of the hotel housekeepers: a cluster randomized trial evaluating a complex intervention in primary care - Oana Bulilete
Summary of the day
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Heather L Rogers (Speaker)
End of the conference day
Practice Visits in Antwerp

Location: 3 different options.
Online pre-registration required, space is limited. The groups will leave from the conference venue.
Please see for more details.

National Keynote Lecture
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Dr. Lieve Peremans (Chair)
  • General practice, primary healthcare and the community: linking the dots - Hla Hilde Bastiaens (Speaker)
Parallel Session G: Freestanding Papers: Interprofessional collaboration
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Radost Assenova (Chair)
  • A geriatric assessment intervention in primary care provided by a nurse or a GP (CEPIA) : a cluster-randomised trial - Veronique Orcel
  • “Gaining control through close collaboration” – GPs’ experiences of a Collaborative Care Model for patients with Common Mental Disorders who need sick leave certification - Ausra Saxvik
  • An inventory of support, barriers and facilitators for a multicomponent lifestyle intervention for depressive symptoms in primary care: a qualitative study - Jolien Panjer
Parallel Session H: Freestanding Papers
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Ayse Caylan (Chair)
  • Identifying and prioritizing do-not-do recommendations in Dutch general practice - Jako Burgers
  • Patterns of physical, cognitive, and mental functioning among older primary care patients and differences in coping styles - Ljiljana Majnaric
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment in the 2021 European Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention – A Population-Based Validation of SCORE2 and SCORE-OP - Yochai Schonmann
Parallel Session I: Research Course Presentations
Location: Gresham (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Mehmet Ungan (Chair)
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • Prof. Shlomo Vinker (Chair)
  • Prevention in general practise : how does general practionner establish it ? - Aurore Girard
  • Physical activity on prescription in Belgian general practice: current state of affairs - Sherihane Bensemmane
  • Psychological and neuropsychological syndrome associated with Long-COVID. - Raquel Gomez Bravo
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer
Poster Session 1: COVID-19
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Self-triage tools during covid-19 outbreak: the CovidGuide app experience - Jacopo Demurtas
  • Indicators to Monitor Primary Care Activity During the Covid-19 Pandemic in 27 European Countries: Eurodata Study - Sara Ares-Blanco
  • Self-report credibility of anthropometric measures in the Israeli - Arab population during the corona-virus breakout - Joseph Azuri
  • Challenges and experiences of Latvian family doctors during the COVID-pandemic - Jānis Blumfelds
  • Mild severity COVID-19 mental health implications for patients in Greece: a qualitative study - Despoina Symintiridou
  • Impact of Economic and Pandemic Crises on the Mental Health of the Youths in a Deprived Area - Ana Eneriz Janeiro
Poster Session 2: COVID-19
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Real-time pandemic surveillance by the Covid-19 Barometer in General Practices in Belgium - Laura Debouverie
  • The impact of rurality on the response of general practices to the COVID-19 pandemic outcomes from the PRICOV-19 study in 38 countries. - Ferdinando Petrazzuoli
  • COVID-19 pneumonia in the outpatient setting in Italy: a population-based observational study - Davide Fornaciari
  • Impact of Long/Post COVID on health-related quality of life and social participation in Germany: an online-based cross-sectional study - Dominik Schröder
  • Mental health of general practitioners and family medicine specialists two years after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic - Jelena Danilenko
  • Parental burnout in medical in non-medical community in Lithuania during the COVID-19 - Aelita Skarbaliene
Poster Session 3: Diagnostic procedures
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Construction and Validation of an Individual Deprivation Index: a Study Based on a Representative Cohort of the Paris Metropolitan Area - Sarah Robert
  • Diagnostic accuracy of blood tests for paediatric appendicitis, a systematic review and meta-analysis - Gea Holtman
  • A mixed methods study of the awareness, diagnosis, and management of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia in Irish General Practice - Robyn Homeniuk
  • Psychometric properties of HSCL-5 and HSCL-10 to detect depression symptoms in Primary Health Care in Spain - Maria Rodriguez Barragan
  • Diagnostic accuracy of tests suitable in primary care for acute diverticulitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis - Natasja Vijfschagt
  • Real Life HbA1c variability profiles and association with ASCVD risk in T2DM - Alon Lapidus
Poster Session 4: Vulnerable people
Location: Gresham (2nd Floor)
  • Are immigrants living in France more reluctant to receive vaccines than native-born French citizens? findings from the national health Barometer study - Sohela Moussaoui
  • Cancerless (Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Among the Homeless Population in Europe: Co-Adapting and Implementing the Health Navigator Model). - Jaime Barrio Cortes
  • Main Health Problems and Frequency of Depression and Anxiety Among Temporary Displaced Citizens to the Western Ukraine - Pavlo Kolesnyk
  • Effects of a digital intervention to improve primary care physicians’ responses to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) - Raquel Gomez Bravo
Poster Session 5: Screening and prevention
Location: Scaldis (1st Floor)
  • Varicella surveillance among the patient population in Belgian general practice between 2019 and 2021 - Sherihane Bensemmane
  • Can be improved the screening for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in primary care? The Spanish version of the STOP-Bang questionnaire - Jesús González-Lama
  • Hip fracture prevention in Swedish 70-100 year old women 2001-2022: risk factors for mortality in intervention and control groups - Hans Thulesius
  • Clinical decision-making in patients that could have cancer: a vignette study comparing the Baltic states with the Nordic countries - Michael Harris
  • Sociodemographic characteristics and cardiovascular events in patients with severe mental disorders - María Isabel Fernández San Martín
  • Why is the French colorectal cancer screening rates at 34.9 % ? According to GPs, a qualitative study - Paul Aujoulat
Poster Session 6: Innovation
Location: Prentenkabinet (1st Floor)
  • Capacity building through target group involvement – the Austrian Primary Health Care Platform - Kathryn Hoffmann
  • Patients' and physicians' attitudes towards artificial intelligence in primary healthcare: A qualitative study - Jana Gundlack
  • Evaluation of patient involvement activities during multiple stages of health research projects in German primary care: concept development for a meta-level study - Susanne Kersten
  • Description of the BeoNet-Halle recruitment sample - Implementation of Broad Consent in a general practitioner setting. - Felix Bauch
  • What are the determinants of older people adopting communicative e-health services? A meta-ethnography - Ayse Aslan
  • Family-centred care and triadic medical consultations: Results from a pilot study - Heather L Rogers
Poster Session 7
Location: Dürer (2nd Floor)
  • Acute gastroenteritis: a qualitative study of parental motivations, expectations, and experiences during out-of-hours primary care - Anouk Weghorst
  • Evidence-Based Review – the Benefits of Saffron for Depression Treatment - Berta Catalão
  • Cluster Randomised Trial of a Goal-Oriented Care Approach for multimorbidity patients supported by a digital platform - Mariana Peyroteo
  • Knowledge and skills toward Evidence-based medicine of General Practitioners in Greece - Eleni Jelastopulu
Location: Dürer (2nd Floor)
Invitation for a Preliminary meeting to discuss a collaborative study for “How old do you feel?
Location: Gresham (2nd Floor)

13:00 - 13:20 
Long time EGPRN members Robert Hoffman, Israel and Tanju Yilmazer, Turkey invite those interested in discussing and participating in this study to meet with them. The project is about testing the usefulness of asking our older patients “how old they feel” during our primary care clinic intake. This simple question may prove to be very interesting and powerful. Come to join them! If you are interested but unable to meet at this time, feel free to contact either of them during the conference, or by email.
P.S: No food is allowed in the room. You may join the meeting after you have your lunch box in the room Dürer. 

Parallel Session J - Theme Papers: COVID 19
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Slawomir Chlabicz (Chair)
  • GP views on their mastery of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic: a qualitative study from Austria - Mira Mayrhofer
  • Understanding the behaviour of the Dutch population during the COVID-19 pandemic. The value of self-reported data in public health - María Villalobos
  • Impact of social support from family and friends on the perceived general health of patients diagnosed with Long-COVID - David Lerma-Irureta
  • Understanding Trustful Relationships between Community Health Workers and Vulnerable Citizens during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Realist Evaluation - Peter Decat
Parallel Session K: Freestanding papers: Diagnostic tools
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Ana Clavería (Chair)
  • Clinical prediction rule for acute appendicitis in children in primary care - Guus Blok
  • Effects of an ICT-supported hypertension management on antihypertensive medication: Results from the cluster-randomised controlled PIA-Study - Frauke Leupold
  • Point-of-Care C-Reactive Protein Test Results in Acute Infections in Children in Primary Care: A Post-Hoc Analysis - Liselore De Rop
  • How well does the eHealth tool recognize the health challenges in comparison to a nurse among the long-term unemployed? - Tuomas Koskela
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer
Parallel Session L: One Slide Five Minute Presentations
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • Prof. Shlomo Vinker (Chair)
  • Prof. Mehmet Ungan (Chair)
  • Enhanced care of patients with medically unexplained symptoms delivered by general practitioners - Martin Seifert
  • Screening for post stroke depression by primary care physicians- an easy intervention of great importance - Olga Spivak
  • Gender gap and differences in efficacy and safety in the treatment of patients with coronary heart disease - Susanne Unverzagt
  • Continue or discontinue beta-blockers after myocardial infarction? – a case vignette study in Europe - Martina Zangger
  • Caring for Long Covid-19 patients in primary health care: a twinning study between Malta and Belgium - Sarah Moreels
  • The OECD’ Patient Reported Indicators Survey (PaRIS) in Belgium - Amélie Van Vyve
  • Psychological symptoms in primary care: which symptoms persist more? - Asma Chaabouni
  • ESSIDIA Pilot : enhancing recruitment in primary care : a mobile research unit - Irene Supper
  • General Practitioner’s Personality type and chronic illnesses diagnosis. A cross sectional study - Ileana Gefaell
  • Diabetic patients’ journey in healthcare: a multi-method, multi-center study proposal - Evrim Didem Güneş
Parallel Session M - Freestanding Papers: Patient centredness and involvement
Location: Willem Elsschot (2nd Floor)
  • What role do patients prefer in medical decision-making? - a population-based nationwide cross-sectional study - Carlos Martins
  • Conceptual framework reflecting expectations, experiences and needs of parents and of children visiting their general practitioner with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms - Sophie Ansems
  • Is self-triage by patients using a symptom-checker safe? - Andreas Meer
Summary of the day
Location: Tassis (2nd Floor)
  • Hla Hilde Bastiaens (Speaker)
Chairperson’s Report by EGPRN Chair
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Speaker)
Presentation of the Poster-Prize for the best poster presented
  • Prof. Pemra C. Unalan (Speaker)
Introduction to the next EGPRN meeting
  • Prof. Goranka Petricek (Speaker)
Social Night with Dinner, Dance and Music!

Pre-booking online essential.

Horta Art Nouveau Room
Address: Hopland 2, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

EGPRN Executive Board Meeting

Only for Members of the Executive Board
Korte Klarenstraat 9A, 2000 Antwerp