Pre-conference Workshop 4

Balint Group – a method for improving doctors’ mental health

Thursday, 17th October, 13:30 - 16:00

  • Adam Becze, GP, Dept. of Family Medicine, Semmelweis University, Bálint Society of Hungary
  • Katalin Dobó, GP, Psychotherapist, Chair of Bálint Society of Hungary

Bálint group method is developed by Hungarian-born psychiatrist Mihály Bálint and Enid his wife in the 1950’s London, Tavistock Clinic originally with groups of social workers and family physicians. The aim of these sessions was to understand better the characteristics and dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship even for participants who lack professional psychological knowledge and experience, and to get insight into the unspoken needs of patients affecting the encounters with their professional helper (GP, nurse, social worker). Of all the observations from this ’Training cum Research’ named process the famous book ’The Doctor, his Patient and the Illness’ was published in 1957. After decades of spreading across Europe and then far beyond the Balint group method had been studied from many aspects, and has been installed into the curriculum of medical studies and postgraduate trainings in many countries.

During a session a somehow troubled patient-doctor situation will be presented by a group member as a short case report without notes, and not necessarily with much biomedical information. After answering some clarifying questions the case presenter will do a pushback, and will just listen to various reflections from the group members, but not reacting to them until the end of the session. All the possible related thoughts, previous experiences and emerging emotions would be discussed by the group with the supporting help of the leaders focusing on the relationship between the patient and the doctor.

The workshop is for clinicians curious of the Balint method, interested in patient-centered care and emotional awareness in their professional relationship with patients.

Active participation, personal experience in a Bálint group session

Become familiar with the main rules and frame of Balint work
Gaining knowledge of the Balint method’s role in improving doctor’s mental health, preventing burnout

  • Course Language: English
  • Number of participants limited to 20 persons.
  • The workshop is €35 for EGPRN Members and €50 for non-members.
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