Programme Overview

Workshop 2: Point-of-Care Ultrasonography Training for General Practitioners – POCUSCave
Location: Ostrčil Room (1st Floor)

09:00 - 16:15
Registration is required.
Module 1: 09:00-09:45,     Module 2: 10:15-11:00
Module 3: 11:30-12:15,     Module 4: 13:30-14:15
Module 5: 14:30-15:15,     Module 6: 15:30-16:15

Workshop 1: Writing for Publication – Meet the Editors for Tips and Tricks!
Location: Heveroch Room (2nd Floor)

09:00 - 12:30
Registration is required.

EGPRN Executive Board Meeting
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)

09:30 - 13:00
Only for Members of the Executive Board.


Price is not included in the conference fee. You may purchase lunch at restaurants or shops nearby.

Workshop 3: How to Build a Research Capacity in Primary Care
Location: Heveroch Room (2nd Floor)

13:30 - 16:30 
Registration is required.

EGPRN Council Meeting
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)

14:00 - 17:00
Only for EGPRN Executive Board and EGPRN Council members.

EGPRN Committee Meetings and Working Groups
  • EGPRN Research Strategy Committee - Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • EGPRN Educational Committee - Heveroch Room (2nd Floor)
  • EGPRN PR & Communication Committee - Ostrčil Room  (1st Floor)
Welcome Reception and Opening Cocktail
Location: Foyer

Prebooking online is required.

Location: Ground Floor
Opening of the Meeting by EGPRN Chairperson
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Speaker)
Welcome by Local Host
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Dr. Martin Seifert (Speaker)
National Keynote Lecture
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Assoc. Prof. Bohumil Seifert (Chair)
  • Innovative Methods in the Development of Trustworthy Clinical Practice Guidelines - Assist. Prof. Miroslav Kluga (Keynote Speaker)
Plenary Session - Theme Papers: Research Networks in Primary Care
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Using information technology to facilitate research in a practice-based research network - the story of PraksisNett - Guro Haugen Fossum
  • Developing a semi-automatic COVID-19 syndromic surveillance tool into a fully automated tool for respiratory infectious diseases in Belgian General Practices - Laura Debouverie
  • A new data collection project for studies of the process of diagnosis in primary care: collecting data on reasons for encounter and diagnoses in episodes of care in Europe. - Jean Karl Soler
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer

For the regular attenders.

Blue Dot Coffee Break
Location: Hall (2nd Floor)

For the first time attenders.

Parallel Session A - Theme Papers: Capacity in General Practice
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • The inverse care law as applied to general practice clinics in the Irish Midwest: examining effects through simulated practice closure - Michael O'callaghan
  • Maccabi-RED, an "uber-like" service for emergency care in the community: A cohort study - Limor Adler
Parallel Session B - Freestanding Papers: Screening and Prevention
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Intention to treat and per protocol analyses showed different results in a diagnostic cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating fecal calprotectin in primary care - Sophie Ansems
  • Fostering HPV Vaccination Uptake in Youth: Insights from the Young Generation - Hüsna Sarıca Çevik
  • Exploring Trends in Contraception and HRT Prescription in Ireland: An Application of Reimbursement Data - Fintan Stanley
Location: Foyer (1st Floor)
Research Cafe
Location: Heroch Room

Do you have any questions about research that you are doing or would like to do?
Ask the EGPRN’s experts at the lunchtime “Research Café”! 
Lunchboxes will be available in the meeting room.

Parallel Session C - Theme Papers
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Conceptual Overview of Telemedicine in Primary Care: A Grounded Theory Perspective - Hans Thulesius
  • Manual skills workshops for primary care physicians in Israel - Ilan Yehoshua
  • Usefulness of project management softwares in a general practice setting during a health care crisis. - Jean-Francois Michel
Parallel Session D - Freestanding Papers: Chronic Diseases
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • How often do we measure blood pressure in the office? Results of the Hungarian Hypertension Registry - János Nemcsik
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a Portuguese Primary Health Care Unit: a quality improvement study - Liliana Jesus
  • Exploring Sex-Based Differences in Patient Outcomes: A Secondary Analysis of Heartwatch, an Irish Cardiovascular Secondary Prevention Program - Ivana Keenan
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer (1st Floor)
Parallel Session E: One Slide Five Minute Presentations
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Prof. Mehmet Ungan (Chair)
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • Breast Cancer in Arab and Jewish Women in and association with use of hormonal medications - Alexandra Verzhbitsky
  • Optimizing management of children presenting with acute abdominal pain in primary care: a cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of a clinical prediction rule including C-reactive protein for appendicitis - Gea Holtman
  • Bridging the Gap: A Project to Promote Collaboration Between General Practitioners and Researchers in Primary Care - Martina Zangger
  • Why don’t we follow clinical practice guideliness attenting people suffering from vertigo? Let’s improve it! - Eva Peguero
  • Self-care promotion competences among general practitioners and primary care nurses and their affecting factors - Jessica Longhini
  • Prognostic value of blood pressure and its variability on the risk of hemorrhagic stroke in adult patients on anticoagulant therapy in Catalonia. A case-control study. - Joan De Montserrat Moreno
  • Sustainability in primary healthcare practice, no time to lose! - Paul Van Royen
  • Artificial intelligence assistance in arterial hypertension follow up and management - Renata Romić
Parallel Session F - Freestanding Papers: Impact on Quality of Life
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • How to implement a physical activity program in primary care among cancer survivors: barriers and facilitators from the perspective of the GP and practice nurse - Famke Huizinga
  • Fatigue among long-term breast cancer survivors: a controlled cross-sectional study - Saskia Accord-Maass
  • Degree of self-perceived disability and impact on their quality of life in primary care healthcare workers with long COVID-19: EPICOVID-AP21 study - Jaime Monserrat Villatoro
Summary of the day
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Assist. Prof. Miroslav Kluga (Speaker)
End of the conference day
EGPRN Collaborative Study Group Meeting:PHC-Eurodata-Covid19
EGPRN Collaborative Study Group Meeting: Örenäs
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
Practice Visits in Prague

Online pre-registration required, space is limited. The groups will leave from the conference venue. Please click here for more information. 

International Keynote Lecture
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Chair)
  • Is innovative technology the solution for the challenges in general practice ? - Prof. Niek de Wit (Keynote Speaker)
Parallel Session G: Theme Papers: Technical Support in Diagnosis and Screening
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Evidence of POCUS applications in primary healthcare at the European level and a prospective POCUS study in patients with acute abdominal pelvic pain in family medicine practice - Mihai Iacob
  • The reliability of Point-of-Care ultrasound examination of the lung in primary care performed by general practitioners - David Halata
  • Utilization of medical technology in primary care: lessons learned from a nationwide study - Ábel Perjés
Parallel Session H: Special Methodology Session
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Real-world comparative effectiveness of triple versus and dual inhalers in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Impact of diabetes comorbidity - Sophia Eilat-Tsanani
  • Introducing Family Medicine to undergraduate medical students: an early clinical exposure through an elective activity at Humanitas University in Milan - Luigi Bracchitta
  • Evaluation of the effect of sleep quality and physical activity on perceived stress level in 45-64 year-old population - Gökçe İşcan
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer
Poster Session 1: Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Use of mHealth application in improving blood pressure control and adherence to therapy in patients with newly diagnosed arterial hypertension in North Macedonia - Sashka Janevska
  • Morbidity and mortality from diseases of the circulatory system in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2020. - Akbayan Markabayeva
  • Proportion of ECR of patients over age 18 without code for Hypertension and without any measure of Blood Pressure - Sonia Zenari
  • Up-rise ability predicted hip fractures and mortality in 295 women 70 years and older – a 20 year follow up controlled intervention - Daniel Albertsson
  • Low-dose Aspirin adherence after acute coronary syndrome – patients` experience - Goranka Petricek
Poster Session 2: Cancer and End of Life
  • Stroke mortality prediction using machine learning: systematic review - Lihi Schwartz
  • Does personalised advise about cervical and breast cancer screening effects women’s intention to be screened? - Nataliia Ponzel
  • How does colorectal screening (CRS) work in European countries? - Jelena Danilenko
  • End of life care in GP offices in Czech Republic - Pavel Demo
  • "Effectiveness of the SPYROS DOXIADIS program in the compliance of the patient list of a personal doctor in doing mammography". - Christiana Milai
Poster Session 3: Support Systems to Improve Quality of Care
  • Primary Care Physicians' Intentions to Use Telemedicine in Sweden – A Survey Before and After the COVID-19 Pandemic - Fredric Karlsson
  • A Comparative Analysis of the 'Physician Attitudes and Intentions to use Telemedicine' (PAIT) Questionnaire Responses from General Practitioners in England and Sweden. - Oliver Engela Ras
  • Digital self-triage: how compliant is the patient? - Veronique Verhoeven
  • Perceptions regarding the use of Clinical Decision Support Systems in Primary Care - Viviana Barreira
Poster Session 4: Treatment and Safety of Care
  • Digital Transformation in Swedish Primary Care: Evaluating the Impact on Antibiotic Prescription and Equity in Utilization - Jens Wilkens
  • Exploring primary health care professionals’ queries to a drug information centre – a descriptive analysis - Naldy Parodi López
  • Development and pilot testing of a sex- and gender-sensitive primary care intervention for patients with chronic non-cancer pain receiving long-term opioid therapy (GESCO): a study protocol - Achim Mortsiefer
  • Soft-skil comptency training and mentoring model as an innovation proposal to the health sciences curriculum - Nuseybe Akbal
  • Phase 1 Results and Phase 2 Initiation for AC102: A Novel Drug Candidate for the Treatment of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSNHL) - Rachael Ward
Poster Session 5: Prevention and Lifestyle
  • Prevention needs in adolescents: What is their emotional problem all about? - Ana Clavería Fontán
  • Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a virtual community of practice to improve the empowerment of middle-aged people with multimorbidity: A randomized controlled trial. - Alba Campillejo
  • Running 15 minutes daily - interview study with teachers four years after introducing the physical activity intervention "The Daily Mile" at a Swedish junior school - Staffan Svensson
  • Parental adhesion to boys’ HPV vaccination and associated factors: a cross-sectional study. - Laetitia Bachmann
  • The Contraception Attitudes and Accessibility to Primary Care Centers for the Women in Reproductive Age (15-49 years old) During The Pandemic - Pemra C. Unalan
Poster Session 6: COVID-19
  • Knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions towards vaccination against COVID-19 in a Greek island community - Eleni Jelastopulu
  • Increased resilience of educational practices during COVID-19 in Hungarian primary care - Zoltán Lakó-Futó
  • How Evidence-Based Medical Education Affects Medical Students' Views on Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Conspiracy Theories About COVID-19: A National Study - Özlem Coşkun
  • Delphi Study on Primary Health Care Indicators for COVID-19 Pandemic across 30 European Countries: Eurodata study, preliminary results - Ileana Gefaell Larrondo
  • Side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine in the vaccinated population of Vlora district; evidence of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines applied - Vasilika Prifti
Poster Session 7: Mental Health
  • Burnout among Catalan family doctors. A three times cross-sectional study, during and after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic - Maria Miñana Castellanos
  • Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Domestic Violence Against Women - Gaye Çabukoğlu
  • "VoluntariaMente" - The Impact of the Individual Social Role on the Improvement of Mental Health - Ana Gonçalves
  • Exploring the association between type of pain and mental health with 4DSQ - Aysen Kutan Fenercioğlu
  • Worries and Uncertainty among Male patients with elevated PSA levels . - Marcello Mangione
  • A qualitative study of mental health impact among conflict-affected civilian population in Ukraine - Albina Zharkova
Location: Foyer (1st Floor)
Parallel Session I - Theme Papers: Chronic Diseases
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • The use of Business Intelligence for the early detection of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease - Josep Vilaseca
  • Recommendations on digital care in Dutch diabetes guidelines - Ingrid Hendriksen
  • Feasibility study of a home-based artificial intelligence system to empower patients with type 2 diabetes - Jesús González-Lama
  • Which patients participate in DSME, what are the reasons for nonparticipation, and how do participants rate DSME training? - data from a nationwide survey - Solveig Weise
Parallel Session J: Web Based Research Course Presentations
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli (Chair)
  • Prof. Mehmet Ungan (Chair)
  • RECORD-CV study: recording practices of cardiovascular risk factors between psychiatry service and primary health care in individuals with severe mental illness on long-acting injectable antipsychotic treatment - Jorge Manuel Silva
  • Prevalence of falls and associated risk factors among community dwelling older people in Bulgaria - Pepa Ferreira
  • Digital skills and tools in cancer care: needs and gaps of clinical professionals, non-clinical professionals and patients/caregivers - David Liñares Mariñas
  • Changes of burnout during family and community residency in doctors and nurses - Macarena Chacón Docampo
  • Conflict management among healthcare professionals in primary care - Marika Svatošová
  • Study of the activity of BAT in patients with phenylketonuria - Noemí López
  • How to organize Telemedicine Services in Primary Care: consensus from a Delphi study - Vera Costa
Coffee Break
Location: Foyer (1st Floor)
Parallel Session K: Theme Papers: Screening and Diagnosis
Location: Stejfa Hall (1st Floor)
  • Identifying available addictive disorder screening tests feasible in primary care: A systematic review - Maxime Pautrat
  • The variation of diagnostic accuracy across different healthcare settings - Natasja Vijfschagt
  • The role of digital tools for breast cancer risk factor assessment in general practice and their impact on screening - Jadranka Karuza - Soom
Parallel Session L: Mental Health
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Unmet needs of family caregivers and primary healthcare practitioners of patients suffering from neurocognitive disorder - Clarisse Dibao
  • Physical work environment and burnout among primary care physicians in Israel: a cross-sectional study - Yaara Bentulila
  • Liver Fibrosis (assessed non-invasively) and the Risk of Incident Dementia – A Populaton-based Cohort Study with a 17-Year Follow-Up - Yochai Schonmann
Summary of the day
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Prof. Niek de Wit (Speaker)
Chairperson’s Report by EGPRN Chair
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
  • Dr. Tiny Van Merode (Speaker)
Presentation of the Poster-Prize for the best poster presented
Introduction to the next EGPRN meeting
Location: Janovského Room (2nd Floor)
Social Night with Dinner, Dance and Music!

Pre-booking online essential. 
Location: Kaiserštejnský Palace
Address: Malostranské nám. 23/37, 110 00 Malá Strana

Executive Board Meeting

09:30 - 12:30
Only for Members of the Executive Board
Location: Hotel Carol