Pre-conference Workshop 3

Writing for Publication – Meet the Editors for Tips and Tricks!

Thursday, 17th October, 09:00 - 12:30

This workshop will give participants tools to navigate the scientific publishing landscape. By providing practical guidance on each aspect of the writing and publication process, participants will gain confidence in their ability to write and submit good enough scientific papers.

Background: Peer reviewed medical journals are important media for the publication of articles relevant to Primary Health Care and General Practice/Family Medicine, such as research papers, reviews of literature, clinical lessons, and opinion papers. They are the means to disseminate original research results and educational information, discuss available evidence and share experiences. However, many colleagues find writing and submitting a scientific paper a challenge.

Aim & Audience: In this workshop, we aim at providing participants with information about preparing manuscripts for medical journals. Our intended audience are authors interested in research or medical writing, who have little or no previous experience in publishing. Of course, more experienced authors are welcome to join their knowledge and experience.

Methods: The workshop has the format of a highly interactive session. It focuses on the preparation and submission of research papers. Topics discussed are the basic structure, language and presentation of research papers, as well as common errors and how to prevent them. We also discuss how you could write an appropriate Cover Letter. In addition, we discuss the peer review process. We may also discuss other topics suggested by the participants.

Outcome: Participants will have expanded their knowledge and will have received practical advice (“tips & tricks”) on how to prepare a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal. A handout will be provided afterwards.

  • Course Language: English
  • Number of participants limited to 20 persons.
  • The workshop is €35 for EGPRN Members and €50 for non-members.
  • If you want to attend the pre-conference workshop, please tick the box on the online registration form.