90th EGPRN Meeting

Digital medicine and e-health.


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Presenters Orientation Meeting
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We welcome all presenters to join this meeting to familiarize themselves with the presentation user interface, ask questions and resolve any technical issues.


Opening & International Keynote Lecture
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  • Opening of the Meeting by EGPRN Chairperson
  • Prof. Davorina Petek (Chairperson)
    Faculty of Medicine

  • From remote sensors to digital health – A SWOT attempt
  • Prof. Dr. Eva Hummers-Pradier (International Keynote Lecturer)
    University Medical Center Göttingen, Institute of General Practice




Plenary Session
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  • Primary Care Research Network: Why and how?
  • Prof. Guri Rørtveit (Speaker)

  • COVID-19
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Frese (Speaker)
    Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine




Parallel Session A - Theme Papers: Use and adoption on ehealth
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  • Predicting primary care physicians’ intentions to use e-health - a survey study based on the the...
  • Dr. Veronica Milos Nymberg
    Clinical Sciences Malmö

  • Electronic health records across Europe: adoption, digital maturity, and implications for quality...
  • Prof Dr Ana Luisa Neves
    Center for Health Technology and Services Research, University of Porto

Parallel Session B - Freestanding Papers: Mental health and addition
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  • The primary care patients' willingness to be treated with brief intervention to reduce the alcoho...
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Fankhaenel
    Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

  • What are the barriers to the implementation of advance directives related to the surroundings of ...
  • Pn Patrice Nabbe
    EA 7479 SPURBO

  • European Forum Primary Care Mental Health
  • Ms Lisa Hill
    Staffordshire University




Parallel Session C - Theme Papers: Applications of eHealth
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  • Erroneous computer-based ECG interpretations of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter in a Swed...
  • Dr Hans Thulesius
    R&D Kronoberg, Clinical Sciences

  • Maccabi RED - Uberization of Minor Trauma and Semi - Urgent Medical Care in Primary Care Settings
  • Dr Ilan Yehoshua
    Maccabi health services

  • Feasibility study on recruitment in general practice for a Health information technology trial
  • Dr. Allan Riis
    Research Unit for General Practice at Aalborg University

Parallel Session D - Freestanding Papers: Cancer Management
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  • Perceptions and experiences of lung cancer patients regarding collaboration between general pract...
  • Ms. Jasmin Bossert
    Department of General Practice and Health Service Research

  • Factors that Empower GPs for Early Cancer Diagnosis. A Delphi Study Protocol
  • Dr Robert Hoffman
    Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Family Medicine

  • Comparing uterine cervical cancer screening and papillomavirus vaccination uptakes – an explorato...
  • Dr Thibaut Raginel
    Department of General Practice




Summary of the day
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National Keynote Lecture
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  • Don't get lost in translation of e-health to the real world general practice
  • Prof Cecilia Björkelund (Speaker)
    University of Gothenburg/Region Västra Götaland, Sweden




Parallel Session E - Theme Papers: Telemedicine and Remote Care
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  • Telemedicine in patents with arterial hypertension and diabetes - preliminary results from the pi...
  • Prof. Marija Petek Ster
    Medical faculty, Dep. for family medicine, University of Ljubljana

  • Referral and hospital admission rates at prisons offering scheduled or unscheduled primary care a...
  • Dr. Med. Katharina Schmalstieg-Bahr
    University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf

  • Digital therapeutics: technology innovation to face General Practice’s challenges in 2020
  • Dr Alberto Malva
    Monsignor Raffaele Dimiccoli Hospital

  • Video consultations as an alternative to face to face consultations in primary care
  • Adh Anthony Heymann
    University Tel Aviv

  • Pioneering teledermatology in Lithuanian primary care
  • Mrs. Greta Petkeviciute
    Lithuanian College of Family Physicians

Parallel Session F - Research Course Presentations
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  • Contagious content: the role of social media in vaccination.
  • Dr Louise Fitzgerald

  • Can medical students look after themselves? Participatory action research to promote well-being a...
  • Mrs Cindy Heaster
    Riga Stradins University

  • The Sociodemographic Characteristics and the Thoughts on Primary Healthcare of the Women in the W...
  • Dr. Hüsna Sarıca Çevik
    Ankara University School of Medicine

  • Family Physician Residents' Viewpoints About Communication In Patient-Physician Relationship In T...
  • Dr Nazife Alpman
    Ankara University Medicine Faculty




Parallel Session G - Freestanding Papers: Miscellaneous
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  • A prospective observational cross sectional study with Focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS) conduct...
  • Dr. Mihai Iacob

  • Improving end-of-life care in long-term care. Results from a RCT ̶ effects on resident quality of...
  • Mr Pauli Lamppu
    Helsinki University

  • Thoughts of Intern and Resident Doctors Living in Istanbul about Mobbing at Work
  • Prof. Pemra C. Unalan
    Marmara University, School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

Parallel Session H - One Slide Five Minutes Presentations
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  • Parkinson's disease: Threats and opportunities of patient online discussion forums.
  • Dr Sabine Bayen
    Faculté de médecine, General Practice

  • Efficiency of the use of augmented reality in teaching anaphylactic shock at the primary health c...
  • Mrs. Špela Tevžič
    Community health care centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Patient assessments of chronic illness care: development and testing of a digital tool for routin...
  • Dr Josefien Van Olmen
    University of Antwerp

  • Why do European Primary Care Physicians sometimes not think of, or act on, a possible cancer diag...
  • Dr Tuomas Koskela
    University of Tampere, General Practice

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms promoting help-seeking behavior among depressed youth
  • Mr. Kim Kristoffer Dysthe
    Institute of Health and Society, University og Oslo

  • Home activity control system: artificial intelligence to empower patients with diabetes through d...
  • Dr Jesus González-Lama
    Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC)

  • Benzodiazepines prescription in Europe. Toward an international project.
  • Dr Églantine Ferrand Devouge
    General Practice Department, Medical University, Rouen




Plenary Session I - Freestanding Papers: Miscellaneous & Closing
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  • Summary of the day and closing
  • Prof. Davorina Petek
    Faculty of Medicine

  • Is there relation between adherence to medications and adherence to preventive medicine?
  • Dr. Michal Shani
    Clalit Health Service, Family Medicine

  • arriba – A Decision Aid for General Practice
  • Prof. Johannes Hauswaldt
    Institut für Allgemeinmedizin UMG

  • How GPs decide to assess cardiovascular risk factors in European countries – a qualitative EGPRN ...
  • Mrs. Ilze Skuja
    Riga Stradins University Ilze Skuja GP Practice, Family Medicine