“Coping Self-Efficacy Scale” Evaluation of the Turkish Validity and Reliability of the Scale

Ozden Gokdemir, Cetin Akin

Keywords: validity; reliability; coping self-efficacy scale, family physicians

The COVID-19 pandemic became a burden not only for individuals, but also for countries in many areas, such as economics, health systems, and insurance. As a consequence, because of the holistic approach, and “being the first line of defence”, family physicians are on the frontline. Primary care physicians are essential for preventive care and management of chronic diseases, but they are also human and are affected by these crises.
In coping with stress, it is important to recognize the responses to it. There are different types of reaction: affective, cognitive, behavioral, and physical. Affective reactions include restlessness, anger, sadness, tension, anxiety, despair, crying; in the cognitive domain, reactions include concentration difficulty, memory problems, instability, obsessions, and phobias. Behavioral reactions include avoidance, aggression, alcohol consumption, binge eating, and etc.

Research questions:
While this public crisis continues, and healthcare worker burnout is common, how can we measure the physicians’ ability to cope with stress and find new solutions? Could the “Coping Self-Efficacy Scale (CSES)” in Turkish be used as a tool to address this question?

In this research, validity and reliability will be achieved? by translating CSES into Turkish. The study was designed based on the original research in which the scale form was developed. Permission to use the CSES was received by email. The CSES, consisting of 26 questions, was translated from English into Turkish by three independent researchers, carefully following the linguistic validation process in accordance with WHO guidelines.
FPs in Turkey, are the universe of this study. In scale reliability and validity analysis, it is recommended that the minimum number of participants is 5-10 times the number of items, thus a sample size of 260 participants is acceptable.

CSES was culturally and linguistically adapted to use as a tool to assess whether FPs have the self-efficacy to cope with emotional problems.


Points for discussion:
Is the sample size appropriate?

How the method could be structured ?