Post-Covid: implications on patiens lives

Nuno Parente

Keywords: post-covid; symptoms; quality of life

COVID-19 affected primary care in terms of organization and healthcare response. Family doctors felt a need to rearrange and find ways of redefine consultations. There was a clear impact on patients mental health, family relations and newly physical long-term effects. ThereĀ“s a need to understand how patients are re-inserted in their daily routine and how are they managing it.

Research questions:
How do patients' quality of life and community comeback are being done?

Retrospective cohort study; population enrolled in portuguese COVID19 platform "TRACE-COVID" defined as "healed" at 60 and 90 days post-discharge; randomized sample; anonymous questionnaire (it included demographic variables as age, sex, and schooling and others; persisting symptoms (from physical to psychological), quality of life, work adaptation, past medical problems, COVID19 disease evolution, discharge date (need to extension), among others.


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Points for discussion: