Instructions for Submission of Abstracts

Abstract Structure and Content

  •  Use the following headings and describe:
    • Background: what is the problem domain your study is relevant for? (what is already known, what knowledge is needed,  and what new knowledge will be provided by your study) [suggestion: ± 50 words]
    • Research question(s): clarify the primary objective of your study [suggestion: ± 30-40 words]
    • Methods: mention at least study design, setting, participant selection, intervention and comparison groups (if relevant), and outcomes. Brief description of type of analysis (qualitative methodology, or quantitative methods and statistics (when appropriate)) [suggestion: ± 80-90 words]
    • Results: present results on the primary outcome of your study/results of your qualitative study as appropriate. Confidence intervals are preferred above p-values. In case of preliminary results, please state clearly that these are preliminary results of an ongoing study. [suggestion: ± 100 words]
    • Conclusion(s): expressed as answer(s) to your research question(s) and based on your results. Briefly comment on the robustness of your results based on the quality of your methodology, the sample size, and the external validity /applicability of your results.
      You may include a sentence or two on the potential usefulness /impact you expect from your study 
      [suggestion: ± 30 words]
    • In case of a one-slide/five minutes presentation we expect that you clearly describe background, (idea for) research question and proposed methodology
  • Max. 300 words

Points for Discussion

  • Write down 1-3 points you would like to discuss with your audience at the EGPRN meeting.
  • These points will not influence the abstract selection process.
  • When your abstract is selected for presentation, these points will be added to the abstract book.

Abstract Selection Process

Four independent blinded scorers will assess your abstract, according to the following 8 criteria:

  1. Is/Are the "research question(s)" stated clearly? Max. 3? Clear focus?
  2. Is the applied methodology incl. design and setting appropriate to answer the research question(s)?
  3. Are the results consistent with the research question(s) and applied methodology?
  4. Are conclusion(s) based on results as above?
  5. Does the (proposed) study add new knowledge to our knowledge base?
  6. Does the (proposed) study address a relevant topic for General Practice (GP)/Family Medicine (FM)/ Primary Care (PC)? 
  7. Are the (expected) results applicable in GP/FM/PC (practice, education, organisation)?
  8. Are there any special merits (e.g. original methodology, difficult research circumstances, junior researcher etc.)?

A maximum of ±70 abstracts of apparent good quality will be accepted (max. 36 posters, max. 35 oral presentations). Research proposals as well research ideas (one-slide/five minutes) will be judged according to criteria 1, 2 and 5-8.