Pre-conference Workshop 2

How to start a research project on interprofessional collaboration?

Thursday, 20th October, 14:00 - 16:30

  • Prof. Dr. Paul Van Royen (Uantwerp)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Pype (Ughent)
  • Dr. Giannoula Tsadikzitis

To deal with complex health care demands, interprofessional collaboration (IPC) has become a major issue within health care reforms, especially also within primary care. These reforms should be based on the value and effectiveness of these IPC approaches to be able to work in a patient-oriented way. However, research in the area of IPC is complicated because of different items:  varied terms used, overlap with other fields of research, need for innovative research designs, different perspectives and paradigms, interactive working within complex real-life environments and contexts.

In this workshop, after a brief presentation about basic concepts of IPC and the complex area of research on IPC, we will work in small groups.  Starting from your own research questions/projects on IPC, a plan for performing this research, including appropriate designs and outcome measures, will be developed.