86th EGPRN Meeting, Lille-France, 10-13 May 2018

Pôle Formation of the medical school of Lille 2

Avenue Eugène Avinée – Loos, Lille, France

5 minute walk from the metro station "Eurasanté". Click here for the Metro Plan.*

Thanks to Transpole, Lille has a comprehensive public transport network:

Two automatic metro lines (the VAL: automatic light vehicule) the world's first automatic subway (1983), 60 stops covering 45 km.

  • Line 1 : Villeneuve d’Ascq 4 Cantons  <>  Lille CHU-Eurasanté (Regional Hospital)*.
  • Line 2 : Lomme Saint Philibert (Hospital) <> Tourcoing CH Dron (Hospital)

2 tram lines with more than 35 stops connecting Lille to Roubaix and Tourcoing.

  • Tramway R : Roubaix Eurotéléport <> Gare Lille Flandres
  • Tramway T : Tourcoing centre <> Gare Lille Flandres

About 60 bus routes.

The buses, trams and metros run every day (except May 1st) from 5.30 am to around midnight.

  • Standard (single) fare for the entire network: €1.60 for a full-price single ticket.
  • Set of 10 tickets: €14
  • ZAP ticket (3 tram or subway stations, transfert available): €1
  • Day Pass (available during 24h): €4.80
  • Evening Pass (after 7.00 pm): €2.20
  • The buses, trams and metros are free with City Pass

More information about public transports: