Pre-conference Workshop 2

Social determinants of health: The SDH Show.

Thursday, October 17th, 11:00


  • Rocío García-Gutiérrez Gómez
  • Sara Esteves A. Correia
  • Ana Sofia Lameiras Azevedo
  • María Fernandez García
  • Marta De Lima Torres
  • María Guadalupe Rincón Carmona


Whether people are healthy or not, is not only determined by their lifestyle. The Social Determinants of Health (SDH) include the set of personal, social, political, economic and environmental factors that determine the health status of individuals and populations (WHO, 1998). These are multiple, interrelated, modifiable and they also explain most of the health inequities. Therefore, to understand and manage them it is crucial to improve individual and global health.

Learning Objective

To enhance global awareness in SDH and inequities in health care, its conceptual framework and its involvement in prevalent diseases.

To develop skills on how to reduce social inequities in primary care consultations, applying a set of targeted interventions.


The workshop is designed as a TV show. The participants will be divided into 2 groups that will face many challenges to win a final prize:

  1. General knowledge: Answer correctly several questions about SDH (using Kahoot!). The winner can choose between 2 envelopes.
  2. Speed: These envelopes have similar content (a video and a short comic). The group who gets the 4 conclusions of the contest first wins.
  3. Learning: The team that can differentiate the concepts of inequality and equity better wins.
  4. Concepts: In a category each team will start a sequence of related words: the one who gets more words per category wins.
  5. Thinking: A complex clinical case will then be assessed by both groups. Each team must find the connection between social and health problems and explain them.
  6. Originality: Each team has to find a title that best describes the problem stated in a video. The most original one wins!
  7. Take-home messages and winner announcement.


This workshop aims to broaden our community vision and develop practical skills regarding social inequities, as the pillars for a good public health approach.

If you have any suggestions or concrete proposals for pre-conference workshops for future meetings, please send them to the EGPRN Office