REAP Workshop

Research in Community Health and health promotion in Primary Care?: Research, participation, implementation and ACTION.

Thursday, October 17th, 14:30

This workshop will be held in Spanish.
  • Sebastià March (sociologist)
  • Carmen Belén Benedé (FP)
  • Viola Cassetti (antropologist)
  • Marimar Martínez (FP)
    Research group in Primary Care B21_17R of the Government of Aragon, University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research and REAP

The Workshop is aimed at researchers on health services, especially primary care, community health and health promotion.

Learning Objective

Reflection on research in community health interventions and health promotion in which health services participate will be stimulated.


It will be discussed how we can improve its quality, implementation, or evaluation, as well as how these may became actions of social transformation, by the reduction of inequalities in health and the improvement of individual, family and community capacities. Evidence and tools on community participation and co-production processes will be shared.

The workshop will be eminently practical, collaborative and interactive, and will be taught in Spanish, with the possibility of participating in English and Italian.


We will learn about experiences in Spain and Europe and reflect on them to improve and advance.

If you have any suggestions or concrete proposals for pre-conference workshops for future meetings, please send them to the EGPRN Office