Prof. Dr. Jako Burgers

Professor in ‘Promoting Personalized Care in Clinical Practice Guidelines’ at the Department of General Practice and Care and Public Health Research Institute of Maastricht University, Senior Consultant at the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) and practicing primary care physician in the Netherlands.

What matters most? Development of a research agenda for general practice 

Research in general practice covers the whole of medicine, including clinical and contextual issues. Defining the focus of research is therefore not easy. Knowledge and preferences of researchers and funding agencies may dominate above the real problems faced by patients and society. In addition, topic selection and prioritisation are often not coordinated, which may lead to duplication and research waste. In this lecture I will present the development of a national research agenda based on knowledge gaps in Dutch general practice guidelines and input from healthcare stakeholders including patient organisations. A national general practice research programme has been launched to address these knowledge gaps. Collaboration instead of competition between research departments and institutes is encouraged within this programme. This could be seen as an example for other countries and for international collaboration. Opportunities to collaborate within the EGPRN to set up an international research agenda are challenging. I am looking forward to discuss these with the audience.

Jako S. Burgers, Jolanda Wittenberg, Debby G. Keuken, Frans Dekker, Femke P. Hohmann, Dieuwke Leereveld, Suzanne A. Ligthart, Jan-Willem A. Mulder, Guy Rutten, Johannes C. van der Wouden, Jacintha A. M. van Balen & J. André Knottnerus (2019) Development of a research agenda for general practice based on knowledge gaps identified in Dutch guidelines and input from 48 stakeholders, European Journal of General Practice, 25:1, 19-24, DOI: 10.1080/13814788.2018.1532993