Coming to Vigo

Getting to Vigo is very easy; you can reach the city’s centre from Madrid, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela or the north of Portugal. It has motorway and train connections with Madrid and other cities, like Bilbao. Moreover, the Peinador Airport has connections with Spain’s main cities and several international destinations.

By Air

Peinador, Vigo’s Airport, is Galicia’s southern airport and is only 20 minutes from the city centre. Flying is the fastest option when travelling to Vigo from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Valencia, Tenerife Norte, Gran Canaria, Mallorca or Paris, since these cities have direct flights to Vigo. There are many flights daily from Madrid and Barcelona. New routes are expected in summer. Once you’ve landed, you can take a taxi or bus to the city centre.

Peinador Airport
Avda. do Aeroporto s/n.
Telephone number: (+34) 913 211 000

Urban bus lines: L9A

Santiago de Compostela airport is located approximately ten kilometres to the Northeast of the city. There are direct flights to several Spanish and European cities.

Every half hour there is a bus from Santiago de Compostela Airport to the Plaza de Galicia located in the city and vice versa. Buses operate every day of the week. During the tour several stops are made, one of them at the bus station located northeast of the center and the other at the railway station located south of the center. The duration of the journey from the first bus stop located in front of the terminal to the last bus stop (Plaza de Galicia) located in the center of the city is 30 minutes. Tickets are for sale on the website of the Freire company and with the bus driver. A single ticket costs € 3.00 and a round-trip ticket costs € 5.10. For more information visit, website Empresa Freire.

If your final destination is Vigo, then you can take the train that goes to Vigo at the Santiago de Compostela train station. The train journey can last between 60 minutes to 90 minutes, the price of a single ticket is approximately € 10.00. The frequency with which the train leaves for Vigo is once per hour (

Porto airport (Aeropuerto de Oporto-Francisco Sá Carneiro). The airport code is OPO, which is how the airlines and various travel websites refer to the website when booking and scheduling flights. The airport is located about 6 miles from the city center of Porto and is operated by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal. The airport is also accessible via public transportation, making it easy for tourists and locals to reach the airport and the surrounding areas very easily. Some of the main airlines that travel to Porto include Iberia, Lufthansa, Luxair and Ryanair. The destinations can include Madrid, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Barcelona, Brussels, Liverpool, Bologna, Pisa and many more  (

It is well connected with Vigo by bus ( Porto Airport is served by the metro purple line and there are local buses found at the arrivals section which can take you across the city and to the surrounding areas.

By Car

Travel to Vigo by car can be an option for participants coming from Santiago de Compostela or Porto aeroports and other parts of Spain. There is a fast motorway (speed limit 120 km/h) between Vigo and other main cities.

Some roads in Portugal are subject to a system of toll collection using an exclusively electronic system without the possibility of manual payment on site.  (

By Bus

Vigo is connected to main Galician cities and Porto Aeroport by direct bus lines.

Santiago de Compostela: