88th EGPRN Meeting, Tampere-Finland, 9-12 May 2019

COGITA Agenda, Tampere

Thursday, May 9th
Room E222


09:00 Welcome, introduction, agenda.
Chair: Erik Stolper
Empirical studies
  • The preliminary results of the CORap study (Gut Feelings Prognostic Value in Primary Care) by Bernardino Oliva-Fanlo (Spain).
  • Quantitative and thematic analysis of gut feelings’ text notes, by Bernardion Oliva-Fanlo (Spain).
  • GPs’ gut feelings sense of alarm is valuable in dyspnoea and chest pain, by Marie Barais (France).
  Coffee Break
11:00 Chair: Marie Barais
Uncertainty in diagnostic reasoning
  • Black Swans, red herrings and not being the turkey in general practice. Facing uncertainty, but avoiding over-diagnosis for avertable dangerous, highly improbable events, by Johannes Hauswaldt.
  • Gut feelings in the diagnostic reasoning process; the role of uncertainty, by Paul Van Royen.

Empirical studies

  • The child abuse study: ongoing study by Erik Stolper (the Netherlands).
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Chair: Paul Van Royen
COST proposal: Process and outcome indicators for consultation and diagnosis in primary care
  • Discussion on scope
  • How to develop the network
  • Development on the proposal
  • Tasks, responsabilities and timing
15:30 Coffee Break

Chair: Johannes Hauswaldt

  • Ongoing and future studies
  • Closure: agreements, last questions etc.

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