AGAMFEC Workshop

“Habilifeira” (Health Fair, 9 clinical spots, 10’)

Saturday, October 19th, 16:00

This workshop will be held in Spanish.
  • Fernando Lago Deibe (FP)
    Galician Association of Family and Community Medicine. Vigo Multiprofessional Training Unit in Family and Community Care.


  • Retinography
    Tutor: Francisco Javier García Soidán.
  • Dermatoscopy
    Tutor: Eva Jacob González, Susy Osinaga Peredo.
  • Carotid ultrasound
    Tutor: Ana Cerezo Álvarez.
  • Shoulder ultrasound-guided infiltrations.
    Tutors: Rafael Melero González and Andrés Barreiro Prieto.
  • Exploration procedures on the spine.
    Tutor: Marta Mariño Martínez.
  • Sedation in palliative care. Use of infusers.
    Tutor: Sara Troncoso Recio .
  • Epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis
    Tutor: Nicolás Bello Bugall.
  • Measurement of cardiorespiratory capacity with Astrand-Rhyming Test.
    Tutors: Nazaret Rubio González and Pablo Domínguez Lijó.

If you have any suggestions or concrete proposals for pre-conference workshops for future meetings, please send them to the EGPRN Office