#EGPRNTampere meeting will be a big one, more crowded than the earlier EGPRN meetings. The total number of registrations is getting closer to 250 with many local Finnish participants.

Therefore, this is to let you know that pre-booking is essential for some of the activities if you have not signed up yet, as we have limited number of seats available. You may pre-book the below activities when you log in to your EGPRN account. Please note that all bookings are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

You may change your booking preferences by logging into your EGPRN account and clicking "Change registration options".


1) Welcome Reception and Opening Cocktail on May 9th, will be at Tampere City Hall between 19:00-20:30. All participants are welcome, however invitations will be needed and will be delivered at the registration desk to those who pre-book in advance. Please kindly note that it won’t be possible to enter City Hall building without an invitation.

2) Get Together Party at Pyynikin Brewhouse Pub will be after Welcome Reception and Opening Cocktail on May 9th between 20:30-22:30. Self paid drinks and food will be available.

3) Social Night with Dinner, Dance and Music! on May 11th at Juvenes Restaurant Attila between 20:15-23:30. The social night only costs 40€’s and there is very limited space left. Registration fee is payable online.

4) Workshops
If you intend to register to one of these workshops on May 9th, we strongly advise you to hurry up as they are almost full.

5) Practice Visit to Tipotien Terveysasema on May 11th between 18:10-19:15.
A bus will leave from the venue for the practice visit. Seat is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis.

See you all in Tampere!

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