A WONCA book on Global Primary Mental Health Care: Practical Guidance for Family Doctors has been published and EGPRN is proud to announce that Dr. Ferdinando Petrazzuoli who is a long time member and former member of EGPRN Executive Board is chapter editor of Dementia together with Christos Lionis and Venetia Young.

This book provides up-to-date, practical information for family doctors on how to assess and manage important mental health problems presenting in primary care settings.

Patients frequently present with mental health problems in primary care settings around the world, yet family doctors consistently identify gaps in their knowledge, skills and confidence in how best to care for them. Contributors to the book are experts in primary mental health care and have consulted with family doctors around the world, to identify their main learning needs. Each of the nine core chapters will begin with a set of key points on ‘how to do it’ and will end with educational material in the form of clinical scenarios and multiple choice questions. This book describes core competencies for primary mental health care, clarifies how to conduct a first consultation about depression, reviews non-drug interventions for common mental health problems, discusses the management of unexplained physical symptoms, and advises on the physical health care of patients with severe mental illness. It explores the mental health needs of migrants and young people, and explains how to manage problems of frailty, multimorbidity and dementia.

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