Interprofessional team meeting in Multiprofessional health care centres. A quantitative descriptive study in France.

Emmanuel Allory, Laure Fiquet, Aline Ramond-Roquin

Keywords: primary care practice, interprofessional team meeting, multiprofessionel health care centre, complex situation in care

Primary care Multiprofessional healthcare centres (MHC) were created in France to develop interprofessional practices in primary care. Financial support requires multiprofessional teams to account for their activities, including interprofessional team meeting (ITM). The nature and forms of ITM in primary care remain largely unknown, preventing from any assessment of its impact.
The “Concert MSP” interdisciplinary research project, aims at analyzing ITM activity based on 8 MHC chosen for their diversity (location, size).

Research questions:
To describe the profile of patients who have benefited from ITM and their clinical situations discussed.

quantitative descriptive analysis of IPT activities carried out in the 8 MHC in 2018 and 2019. Data were extracted from the healthcare teams meeting reports, according to a common grid, including the patients’ age, profession, place of living, clinical situation (coded using the ICPC-3: International Classification of Primary Care -3rd version). Quantitative data were described using means (standard deviations), and qualitative data using percentages.

Data about 1733 patient situations were collected. The average patients’ age was 52.1 years (± 26.1). 59.8% were women. 35% were retired. 94.8% lived at home. Regarding clinical situations, 815 (51.7%) were coded with several ICPC-3 codes, suggesting complex situations.
A psychological or social dimension was found in 395 (25.0%) and 385 (24.4%) situations, respectively.

Further analysis will identify the most frequent motives and explore the heterogeneity of patients among the MHC. ITM address varied and complex patients’ situations, frequently including psychological or social dimension.

Points for discussion:
What are the characteristics of people discussed in interprofessional team meeting in multiprofessional health care centre?

What are the main component of the medical history which is discussed by health car professional?

International comparison will help us to understand the results of our study.