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Saturday 13th May 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Location:      Riga Stradins University

Dzirciema Street 16
Riga LV1007 – Latvia





08.30 – 09.10 :      Plenary Session incl. K E Y N O T E 

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C building, 1 st  floor

                              Chair: ………

08.30 - 09.10 :       National Keynote Speaker: Dr. Vija Silina; (Dept. of Family Medicine, Stradins University, Riga - Latvia).

Theme: “State of the Art of Family Medicine/General Practice in Latvia”.

09.10 - 10.40 :       Parallel session G - 3 Theme Papers

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C Block, 1 st floor


22. id43Leonard Mada (Romania)

Hypertensive Crisis: Analysis of 16384 Cases Documented in GP practices across Romania.

23. id11Michal Shani (Israel)

       Heart failure clinic within a primary care clinic in Beit Shemesh.

24.  id74 Baumann-Coblentz Laurence (France)

Identification of the obstacles to achievements of pro re nata medication (PRN) in palliative home cares by Doctors of the palliative care networks.

09.10 - 10.40 :       Parallel session H - 3 Papers –EGPRN Special Methodology Session

                               in: Aulas rehearsal hall; K Block, 1st floor

                              Chair: Jean Karl Soler

25. id65Michael Van der Elst (Belgium)

How can contextual factors be operationalized in a RCT for people with chronic problems?

26.  id100Pavlina Nikolova (Bulgaria)

Monofilament testing for detection of lost sensation of feet in diabetic neuropathy and its correlation to foot ulcerations

27. id119Elina Millere (Latvia)

       Patient enablement in GP practice in Latvia

10.40 - 11.10 :       Coffee break


11.10 -13.10 :       Parallel session I4Freestanding Papers

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C Block, 1 st  floor

                              Chair: …..

28.  id16 Marie Barais (France)

How acceptable is the Gut Feelings Questionnaire in daily GP practice: a feasibility study in four European countries.

29.  id 25 Erik Stolper (Netherlands)

Gut feelings of patients: do they influence their general practitioner’ diagnostic reasoning?

30.  id118 Peter Torsza (Hungaria)

Hungarian family physicians’ and residents’ knowledge of and attitude towards OSAS (obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome).. Do they screen sleep apnoea during the general medical checkup for the driving licence?

31.  id34 Katharina Schmalstieg (Germany)

       Common practice: out-of-pocket prescriptions for benzodiazepine and Z-drugs. But why?

11.10 - 13.10:        Parallel session J - 9 One Slide/Five Minutes Presentations
“ASK the expert session: At the end of the One slide/Five minutes presentation session, presenters will be given the opportunity to have a 10 minute’ face to face meeting with an expert in their field of research”.

                              in: Audotory No 3, C Block, 1 st floor
                              face to face in: Senat Hall, K Block , 2 floor, auditory  K-212
                              Chair: Ferdinando Petrazzuoli

32. id32 Maxime Pautrat (France)

PAPRICA study (Problematic use and Addiction in Primary Care) - Evaluation of poly-dependency screening test in primary care setting - a systematic review.

33. id97 Bernardino Oliva (Spain)

Prevalence, diagnostic value and factors related with gut feelings of GPs in the diagnosis of severe disease and cancer: protocol of study.

34. id44 Alexandra Verzhbitsky (Israel)

      The effect of the breast cancer on control of diabetes.

35. id50 Segolene de Rouffignac  (Belgium)

Measuring the patient activation in HIV-infected patients: A tool to predict health outcomes and optimize care. A study protocol.

36. id48  Naomi Aerts  (Belgium)

Integration of nurses in general practice: a qualitative, exploratory study from the perspective of patients with chronic disease

37. id106 Jeremy Derriennic  (France)

Establish a Questionnaire to evaluate multidisciplinary primary care from the patient’s point of view.

 38. id86 Eva Hummers (Germany)
Home-Based Screening for Early Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in Primary Care – the SCREEN-AF Trial.

39. id58  Kristine Sitca (Latvia)

      Senior dancing – socializing tool against vascular dementia.

40.id67  Vanja Lazic (Croatia)

      Measuring innovation: Real-world approach to falls prevention in elderly.

13.10 – 14.10 :      Lunch


14.10 – 14.30 :      Chairperson’s Report by EGPRN Chair: Prof. Mehmet Ungan.

                              Report of EGPRN Executive Board and Council meeting.

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C Block, 1 st  floor

The meeting continues with 6 parallel Poster sessions till 15.45 h.

14.30 – 15.45 :      Posters

                              In six parallel sessions (6 groups)

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 1: Posters: “Cancer & Cancer Prevention“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Peter Torsza

41. id120  Pemra C.Unalan(Turkey)       

Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Quality of Life Questionnaire for Advanced Cancer Home Care Patients (Turk- QLQ-C15-PAL)

42.id72  Ludmila Terjajeva  (Latvia)       

Impact of intervention on the number of cervical cancer screens - a randomized controlled pilot study.

43. id110  Kathrin Schloessler (Germany)           

What attitudes do medical students have towards cancer-screening?

44. id49  Jekaterina Ivanova  (Latvia)

Patients' compliance to fecal occult blood test in Latvia.

45. id28  Gintare Narusaite  (Lithuania)   

Women’s knowledge of cervical cancerisk factors and its prevention program.

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 2: Posters: “Pain & Quality of Life“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Laurence Coblentz-Baumann

46. id116  Canan Tuz  (Turkey)    

      Awareness of being obese among primary school children in a rural area.

47. id46  Isabel Plaza Espuna (Spain)      

Validation of the spanish version of the pain catastrophizing scale in chronic non-oncological pain.

48.  id112  Marta Cuní Munné (Spain)    

       Prescription-Indication study of Fentanyl transdermal patches at Primary healthcare.

49.  id64  Alberto Galuppi (Italy)  

       Identification of neuropathic pain in General Practice.

50.  id68  Daina Kranciukaite-Butylkiniene (Lithuania)           

The Relations between the Quality of Life, Dependence on the Morbidity in Chronic Non-infectious Diseases and the Use of Medication in Stroke Patients.

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 3: Posters: “Metabolic Diseases“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Eva Hummers

51.  id111  Maija Puce  (Latvia)     

       Iron deficiency and anemia in prophylactic examinations of 1 year old children.

52.  id105  Joan Llobera  (Spain)   

Hybrid evaluation trial of a complex multi-risk intervention to promote healthy behaviours in people between 45 to 75 years attending Primary Health Care. EIRA3 study (Phase III).

53.  id45  Robert D. Hoffman  (Israel)      

       Elucidating metabolic effects of smoking cessation.

54.  id99  Tevfik Tanju Yilmazer  (Turkey)

       Perception of illness at patients with hyperlipidemia.

55.  id52  Ilze Skuja  (Latvia)         

       Modifiable risk factors of non-communicable diseases in Latvia and Sweden.

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 4: Posters: “Cardiovascular Risk & Diseases“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Tuomas Koskela

56. id121  Hilde Bastiaens  (Belgium)        

Improving cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention and care in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa: an implementation project (SPICES).

57. id93  Aiga Markevica  (Latvia)

Does appropriate antihypertensive treatment alone affect the cardiovascular disease risk?

58. id47  Miguel-Angel Munoz  (Spain)

Determinants of heart failure decompensation in patients attended in primary care.


59. id88  Jelena Danilenko  (Latvia)          

Heart functional capacity evaluation by exercise stress testing, depending on D vitamin.

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 5: Posters: “Health Care Services“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Radost Asenova

60.  id113  Ann Verhoeven  (Belgium)      

       Organization of locum GPs in Europe.

61.  id40 Isabel Roig Grau  (Spain)

       Evidence after five years of antitobaco law.

62.  id125  Ausra Saxvik  (Sweden)

Acculturation effects in PLUS - program for learning and development in Swedish health care.

63. id31  Mubashir Arain  (Canada)         

      Current Trends and New Challenges of opening alternative emergency care services.

64. id114  Marija Petek Šter  (Slovenia)    

Factors influencing speciality choice in final year medical students - are students with intended career choice in family medicine are different to other students?

14.30 – 15.45 :      Parallel group 6: Posters: “Miscellaneous“

                               in: RSU main building’s Hall, 1 st floor

                              Chair: Erik Stolper

65.  id13  Sabine Bayen  (France)  

Beliefs and knowledge about sexual transmitted diseases in women who have sex with other women.

66.  id17Clarisse Dibao-Dina (France)

       Masked hypertension prevalence in diabetic II patients in primary care.

67.  id124  Sanda Kreitmayer Pestic  (Bosnia and Herzegovina)           

Treatment of common cold in school children - the difference in treatment - family doctors vs pediatricians.

68. id75  Noelle Casey  (Ireland)    

Parental and General Practitioner knowledge and awareness of treating the feverish child under 5.



69. id91  Alba Gallego  (Spain)    

Quality of life and multimorbidity in PROEPOC/COPD cohort






15.45 – 16.15 :      Coffee break


16.15 – 17.15 :      Parallel session K - 2 Theme Papers

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C Block, 1 st  floor

                              Chair: …..

70.  id73 Jean Yves Le Reste  (France)
Which GPs training methods will increase colorectal cancer screening? A systematic review.


71.  id30 Claire Collins (Ireland)

       Promoting the physical health of people with severe mental illness.





16.15 – 17.15 :      Parallel session L EGPRN Webbased Research Course; kickoff.
                     in: Aulas rehearsal hall; K Block, 1st floor

                              Chair: Shlomo Vinker and Ferdinando Petrazzuoli

EGPRN is happy to announce the start of the Web-based Course on Research in Primary Health Care. The aim of this course is to provide family physicians with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for undertaking research. The course contains about 20 web-based off-line modules of teaching and practical face to face workshop as a final step of each course. Participation in the web-based modules will be free of charge for EGPRN members

Aim of the workshop: 

1) To present the International Web-based Course on Research in Primary Health Care and its topics;

2) To identify strategies to promote the course and adjust it to the needs of residents and young family physicians;

Methods: Three presentations by the course leaders (about) 30 minutes in total followed by group-based work and interactive discussions.



The meeting continues with a Plenary Session till 18.05 hrs.

                               in: Auditory No 3 - C Block, 1 st  floor

17.15 – 17.35 :      Closing of the day by Dr. Vija Silina, keynote speaker, who will summarize on today’s theme papers [epilogue].

17.35 – 17.45 :     Presentation of the EGPRN Poster Prize for the best poster presented

                             in Riga-Latvia.

17.45 – 18.00 :      Introduction on the next EGPRN-meeting in Dublin-Ireland, by Dr. Claire Collins, EGPRN National Representative of Ireland - host organizing committee Dublin.

18.00 – 18.05 :      Closing of the Scientific part of the conference, by the EGPRN Chairperson.