Pre-conference Workshop 3

How to Build a Research Capacity in Primary Care

Thursday, 12th October, 13:30 - 16:30 

  • Dr. Alexander Bauer
    Research Coordinator, Medical Faculty of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute for General Medicine, Halle-Germany
  • Dipl.-Kffr. Birgit Silbersack
    Medical Faculty of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Institute for General Medicine, Halle-Germany

Building research capacity in general practice is crucial for providing high-quality health care and improving patient outcomes effectively. This workshop addresses the organizational prerequisites, human resources and qualifications required to build capacity for clinical research. Particular attention is paid to the establishment, operation and long-term maintenance of practice-based research networks.

Background: Conducting research requires considerable efforts and resources. Despite the capability to close knowledge gaps relevant in everyday care, still only very few clinical research projects are conducted in General Practices compared to other medical specialties. Hence, most evidence informing clinical guidelines is majorly based on studies of highly selective patients seen in hospitals and may sometimes represent the GPs patient populations not accurately. Building efficient research capacity in General Practice therefore is a key necessity for being competitive in health research and to be able to adequately care for the patients.

Aim & Audience: Detailed steps and best practice examples will give participants the necessary tools to successfully build sustainable research capacity in their own field of work. Given the highly diverse health care structures and resources across Europe, this workshop aims at all researchers in General Practice and Family Medicine who are interested in clinical research. Previous experience in building research capacity is not required. However, more experienced colleagues are welcome to share their thoughts and insights.

Methods: In this workshop, after a brief presentation about general concepts of research capacity building, we will work in small working groups providing room for highly interactive discussions (modified world café). The main topics will encompass, e.g., the recruitment of GP practices for research, measures to facilitate research readiness, interprofessional and intersectoral collaboration, the acquisition of third-party funding and, implementing your own clinical research projects. Separate worksheets for each topic will be provided beforehand and introduced briefly. Questions and other topics proposed by the participants are also highly welcome.

Outcome: In addition to the introductory overview, the various working groups will assemble their theme-focused results. Thus, participants will have received practical advice on overcoming numerous hurdles when applying capacity building activities within complex real-life environments and contexts.

  • Course Language: English
  • Number of participants limited to 20 persons.
  • The workshop is €35 for EGPRN Member and €50 for non-members. 
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