85th EGPRN Meeting, Dublin-Ireland, 19-22 October 2017

Morning Pre-conference Workshop

How to Plan and Report Research that Editors will want to Publish

Thursday 19th October 10.00 - 12.30 EGPRN Pre-Conference Morning Workshop

Speaker: Trish Groves, Director of academic outreach, BMJand Editor-in-Chief, BMJ Open.

In this workshop Dr. Groves will focus on developing research questions that are relevant to primary care, writing high quality protocols and research papers, observing publication ethics, and succeeding in peer review. She will base her talk on materials from the BMJ Research to Publication elearning programme.

The objectives of the workshop will be to help health researchers to:

  • write up their studies with clarity and integrity
  • ensure that their studies' research questions and methods are reported fully
  • understand how to partner with patients in publishing research
  • understand what editors are looking for when they select papers to peer review
  • publish in international, regional, and local journals; including high impact journals

Dr. Trish Groves

Trish Groves (MBBS, MRCPsych) trained in medicine and psychiatry before going to The BMJ in 1989. She is now Director of academic outreach and advocacy for BMJ, editor in chief of the online only journal BMJ Open, and honorary deputy editor of The BMJ. Both The BMJ and BMJ Open publish research with open access and open peer review and have policies to facilitate data sharing.

Trish is a contributor to various initiatives on clinical trial transparency and reproducibility, including the AllTrials and Open Trials campaigns, the CORBEL-ECRIN project on data sharing, and the ICMJE proposal on clinical trial data sharing.

Her other focus currently is to explore what practical support might be needed to improve capabilities for health research, through international outreach and initiatives such as BMJ’s eLearning programme for health researchers, Research to Publication


  • Course Language: English
  • Number of participants limited: 25 persons
  • Fee for each workshop:
    • € 35 for EGPRN-members
    • € 65 for non-members
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