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Friday 12th May 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Location:      Riga Stradins University 

Dzirciema Street 16
Riga LV1007 – Latvia





08.00 - 08.30 :       Registration at EGPRN Registration Desk.


08.30 - 11.00 :       Plenary Session incl. K E Y N O T E


                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor


                              Chair: ………


08.30 - 08.45 :       W e l c o m e .


                              Opening of the EGPRN-meeting by the Chairperson of the EGPRN.


08.45 - 09.30:        International Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ruth Kalda; (Department of Family Medicine, University of Tartu-Estonia).

Theme: Reducing the risk of chronic diseases in General Practice / Family medicine”.


09.30 – 11.00 :      3 Theme Papers (plenary)


                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor


                              Chair: …..


1.  id23Sophie Lalande (France)

Frequency of family physician visits and extent of family difficulties are decompensation factors for multimorbid outpatients.


2.  id42Sven Streit (Switzerland)

Variation in physicians’ decisions on antihypertensive treatment in oldest-old and frail individuals across 29 countries.


3.  id87Michael Harris (United Kingdom)

How do health system factors affect primary care practitioners’ referral decisions in patients that could have cancer? Results from the Örenäs Research Group study.


11.00 – 11.30:       Coffee break



11.00 – 11.30:       BLUE DOT Coffee break



11.30 - 13.00 :       Parallel session A3Theme Papers

                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor

                              Chair: …..


4.  id85 Michele Odorico (France)

Search for decompensation risk factors within the egprn multimorbidity’s definition themes. Cohort study followed up at 12 months in nursing home (nh).


5.  id83 Delphine Le Goff (France)         

Search for decompensation risk factors within the EGPRN Multimorbidity’s Definition themes. Cohort pilot study, follow up at 12 months in primary care outpatients.


6. id107 Marilena Anastasaki (Greece)


Preventing chronic respiratory diseases by implementing awareness-raising interventions to reduce smoking and household air pollution in rural Crete, Greece.


11.30 - 13.00 :       Parallel session B3Freestanding Papers


                               in: RSU Hippocrates lecture theatre, C Block, 1 st  floor                                Chair: …..

7.  id36Mihai Iacob  (Romania)


Ultrasonographical diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis and assessment of vulnerability at atheromatous plaques with the Strain Elastography in primary care.


8.  id27Remus Georgescu  (Romania)


Results of the European Survey regarding the Point of Care Ultrasonography applications in the GPs practice, and an experimental Emergency Ultrasound Screening related to their applicability in primary care.


9.  id9Sharon Kleitman  (Israel)


     Stress management workshop - in office skills with MST tools.


13.00 - 14.00 :       Lunch


13.00 - 14.00 :       The Educational Committee Lunch workshop – “Big Data 60 minutes with Dr.Miguel Angel Muñoz Pérez, (Responsable de la Unitat de Suport a la Recerca Àmbit d'Atenció Primària Barcelona Ciutat Institut Català de la Salut. IDIAP-Jordi Gol. Barcelona-Spain),


Workshop leader Miguel Angel Muñoz Pérez: The computerisation of the primary care patient records of the Catalan Health Institute was completed in 2005 and was developed the SIDIA database. SIDIAP was designed to provide a valid and reliable database of selected information from clinical records of patients registered in primary care centres for use in biomedical research. SIDIAP contains anonymized data of patients for more than five million people registered in 287 primary healthcare practices throughout Catalonia.


SIDIAP includes data collected by health professionals during routine visits in primary care, including anthropometric measurements, diagnoses (International Classification of Diseases 10th revision [ICD-10]), laboratory tests, treatments, hospital referrals, demographic and lifestyle information.. The high quality of these data has been previously documented, and SIDIAP has been successfully applied to epidemiological studies.


There is no charge for this workshop. Participants can eat their lunch during the workshop. Please bring your lunchbox.


                               in: Aulas rehearsal hall; K building, 1st floor


13.00 - 14.00 :       EGPRN Study Group


                              “Googling in the waiting room”


                              (chair: Joseph Azuri)


                              in: RSU Hippocrates lecture theatre, C Block, 1st floor


14.00 - 16.00 :       Parallel session C4Theme Papers


                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor


                              Chair: …..


10.  id122 Yochai Schonmann (United Kingdom)


Statins for (almost) everyone? Validation of the 2016 US Preventive Services Taskforce (USPSTF) Recommendations for primary cardiovascular prevention.


11.  id37 Liina Pilv (Estonia)


Assessment and Comparison of Obstacles in Everyday Life of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Six European Countries.


12.  id15 Shlomo Vinker (Israel)


The obesity paradox among type 2 diabetes patients: Does being overweight necessarily confer a worse prognosis?


13.  id90 Suha Hamshari (Palestine)


Does frequency of visits to a doctor affect diabetes control and complications in patients with type 2 diabetes?


14.00 - 16.00 :       Parallel session D4Freestanding Papers


                              in: RSU Hippocrates lecture theatre, C Block, 1 st  floor                                                             Chair: …..


14. id35 Hava Tabenkin (Israel)


Assessing Preceptor Performance in Family Medicine Using the One-Minute Preceptor Model.


15. id18 Ljiljana Majnaric (Croatia)


A research method to use data from electronic health records not specifically prepared for research.


16.id38 Johannes Hauswaldt (Germany)


      De-identifying GP routine data for secondary health services research.


17.  id10 Stefan Bösner (Germany)


Medical decision making strategies in general practice vs. the emergency department - a comparative analysis.

16.00 - 16.20:        Coffee break



16.20 -17.20 :       Parallel session E-  2Theme Papers


                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor


                              Chair: …..


18.  id89 Karl Casey (Ireland)


Chronic Benzodiazepine Use in The Elderly.


19.  id51 Korbinian Saggau  (Germany)


Clinical governance as professional self-reflection- How can we know how good we are?


16.20 -17.50 :       Parallel session F2Freestanding Papers


                               in: RSU Hippocrates lecture theatre, C Block, 1 st  floor                                            Chair: …..

20. id55David Spitaels (Belgium)
Exploring knee osteoarthritis management in primary care: what about arthroscopy? A case-notes review.

21.  id108  Tugrul Biyiklioglu, Pavlo Kolesnyk, Enkeleint-Aggelos Mechil (EGPRN Fellows-project)
What are the challenges that family practitioners face in the management of chronic diseases? A European research protocol from the EGPRN Fellows .


17.50 – 18.00 :      Closing of the day by Prof. Ruth Kalda, keynote speaker, who will        


                              summarize on today’s theme papers; EPILOGUE.


                              in: Auditory No 1 - C Block, 1 st  floor


18.00 - 18.05 :       Closure of the day by chair of session.


18.10 - 19.10:        EGPRN Collaborative Study Group


                              “CoCo study”


                              (chair: Birgitta Weltermann)


                              in: RSU Hippocrates lecture theatre; C Block, 1 st  floor


18.10 - 19.40 :       Study Group    


                              Örenäs Research Group


                              “Early Diagnosis of Cancer in Primary Care Study” 


                              (chair: Michael Harris)


                               in: Aulas rehearsal hall; K Block, 1st floor


Social Programme :


18.10 – 19.40 :          Practice Visits to various local Health Centres in Riga.


                                    We will leave from the conference venue to different practices.


                                    Registration for practice visit will be in the registration area.