Quality control of the laboratory examinations of the Microbiological laboratory of Health Center of Vari

Michael Dandoulakis, Meropi Saloustrou, Diomidia Papadopoulou, Dimitrios Drosos


This work is done in the context of quality control of the health services provided by the Microbiological laboratory of Health Center of Vari (H.C.V.). This control is done in the context of the completion of Health Balanced Scorecard (HBSC), which is a quality assurance tool, which is used by H.C.V. More specifically this control concerns the part of medical procedures chapter of HBSC.

Research questions:
How is the quality of services provided by the Lab of H.C.V.?

In all the Microbiological laboratories of both the public and the private sector, there are ISO systems with which it is possible to control the quality of the performed laboratory examinations.
It will be examined whether the ISO systems are applied in the examinations which are done in the Lab of H.C.V.

In an inspection which was carried out, the following were found. Every morning before the start of operation of the machines of the Microbiological laboratory of, H.C.V a check is made with a specific standard which is available from the manufacturer. Also from time to time a check is made with the laboratory of the Asclepieion Hospital of Voula

The operation of the Microbiological laboratory of H.C.V follows the foreseen programs I S O. Therefore it meets the conditions of quality operation, at least at the level of internal control

Points for discussion:
Organization of laboratory of a primary care unit.